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Silverlight Spectrangle – Complete

A few months ago I decided to develop a Silverlight application in my spare time. Why would I do this you ask, well my first reason was to basically improve my development skills and secondly to learn a new technology…Silverlight.
Well I have now managed to finish my Silverlight version of Spectrangle, a board game I played a long time ago. I decided to develop a board game application for a number of reasons :-
  • Lack of graphics – I cant draw to save my life so the fact I could create a playable game with only vector graphics was good
  • Known rules – As the rules where known I didnt have to invent any rules etc..
  • Simple game play – Again the rules and turn sequence make this game very easy to develop.

So without further a do here is a link to my first Silverlight application.


Lessons learnt

The hardest things to develop in this project was rotating and controlling the trangs, the other challange was to try to implement a decent AI logic. For the AI logic I used the minimax algorythm http://www.fierz.ch/strategy1.htm which when I tried to apply to my code just wouldnt work and almost took me a month (in my spare time) to figure out why it didnt work. Eventually pure determination won out and I managed to spot my error, however there are still a few undocumented features

What Next???

So what project can I undertake next? Well there are two options I could take, one would be to create a more complex Silverlight application (multiplayer ???) or to go the XNA route to develop a game for the Xbox or PC? Well check back and soon I might have created something?




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